Sunday, July 21, 2013

During the summer months, shortcake, made with seasonal fruit, is staple at my house. I whip up my own whipped cream using heavy cream. You can use pound cake, shortcake, or leftover scones or biscuits. 
   Since I just posted a scone recipe, you can use that recipe for breakfast and use the leftover scones with heavy cream, berries, apricots or peaches, and some chocolate truffles. 
   If you're watching your calories but insist on enjoying this dessert, you can substitute half of the cream for Land O' Lakes nonfat. I used to be an award-winning sales representative for Land O' Lakes and Alouette, so I always use the real butter and creams. It shows in my recipes that I put in my cookbooks and serve around the dinner table to my family and guests. 

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