Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year and New Recipe

   Happy New Year, Angels. What are some of your goals for the New Year? Some of mine are as follows....

  1. Have more lunches with my family.
  2. Publish a quarterly devotional.
  3. Coach six new authors.
  4. Publish one-hundred short story volumes.
  5. Publish ten novels (from short story serials)
  6. Travel to Paris, Geneva, and Denmark.
  7. Bring The Gospel of Jesus Christ to new countries.
  8. Enrich current relationships.
  9. Increase income to 10K a month (around 4K-5K now.)
  10. Visit and feature ten spas on my travel blog.
  11. Travel to Florida to see Gabriel.
  12. Book a successful book tour.
  13. Visit schools for my Be Real, Stay Strong. Don't Be Bullied, and Don't Do Drugs campaign.
  14. Bless more people in need with my #Powerofprayerlunchhour.
  15. Triple help to the less fortunate. 
  16. Help the food banks more.
  17. Double prayer time and quiet time with God.

   On the food front, I made  Mesquite Turkey-Stuffed Burrito with Candied Ambrosia Apples and Cinnamon Tortilla Wedges.  The burrito has Velveeta cheese, Rotel diced tomatoes and jalapenos, taco seasoning, Oscar Mayer Mesquite Turkey Breast Strips, and sour cream.
   I made the Cinnamon Tortilla Wedges by cutting tortillas into wedges, then frying in extra virgin olive oil. You need to drain them on paper towels, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
   I cooked the Ambrosia apples in extra virgin olive oil, butter, and brown sugar (3 tablespoons each), then added a cinnamon stick halfway through cooking. Cook until a rich, brown color.

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